Promethei Wallet

PrometheiZeus comprises three modules: PrometheiWallet (front-end), PZNode (side chain), and PZWrap. Here's how the process works:

PrometheiWallet sends a transaction to PZNode for aggregation, and its status changes from "queued" to "committed." PZWrap generates circuit proof and submits the aggregated transaction to the main chain, and its status changes to "verified." PZWrap uses GPU and CPU chips to shorten the time required to generate the proof and supports multiple Provers in parallel on PZNode. PrometheiZeus can handle up to 10000 TPS, and the entire process takes only 25 seconds. After sending the data back to the main chain, the data will be stored in the main chain, but to achieve maximum security, it's estimated that you should wait for 90 seconds.